Kookaburra Tagalong Tours is a company that can take all people to explore areas of Australia.  We do not discriminate, and any adventurous guest is welcome.

Some campsites have disabled toilets but many of the camps we use will not and we ask that guests bring a friend or carer to support them with amenities when disabled toilets are not available.  

Guests with spinal, back and neck problems and/or broken limbs will find most of the trip will be on 4WD tracks and they will be thrown around creating a risk of aggravating the injury.  In this situation guests will only be able to participate in exceptional circumstances and will need medical clearance.  

Guests with visual impairment or hearing difficulties may not get the full experience but you are able to bring a carer or support worker with you.  Assistance dogs are welcome when allowed in the National Parks we visit.

Guests with epilepsy, autism and other neuro-diverse conditions may find some sounds and situations scary and may find the experience overwhelming.

Guests with allergies, asthma and who experience anaphylaxis are responsible for providing a medical action plan during the application process.

We do not carry Epi-Pens and auto injectors.

Pregnant guests will find that they be sitting in a vehicle for many hours over uneven roads.  Being a tour there will be other guests and you might find during peak time that you may have to wait for a toilet.

Guests with a disability may be accompanied by a certified guide dog to assist them in many of our travel locations

Our tours are only suitable for guests over the age of 15 years.

Our tour is an English speaking tour and we welcome you to bring a translator.

Guests with disabilities can bring a carer, personal assistant, or support worker free of charge when the relevant documentation is provided.  

Kookaburra Tagalong Tours have completed disability awareness training.

If you do require any further information on our Accessibility policy please contact us

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