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Kookaburra Tagalong Tours

We are a family owned and operated business and our team members all share a genuine passion for exploring the great outdoors. With 60 years of combined 4WDing experience, our guides endeavour to achieve the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and safety in all aspects of touring.

But four-wheel driving is not the only thing we know; our guides, have a deep appreciation for and knowledge of our local Aussie history and environment. Working in collaboration with the indigenous elders and local communities, Kookaburra Tagalong Tours ensure every route and trail we drive respects the native traditions and customs of the land.

At Kookaburra Tagalong Tours, we aim to take you to places and offer you experiences that many people only dream of. We hope that your first taste of the Aussie Outback “Kookaburra Style” will open your eyes to the beauty of this vast country of ours and give you the confidence to explore further.

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Meet The Team


Ross was originally from NZ and moved to  Australia in 1986, where he married and raised a family. He and Ken worked  together in the plumbing and building industry before Ross retired in 2019.

When Ross purchased his first 4WD, decades ago, he became involved in the Tagalong Tour business as a customer and found the experience exactly what he needed to develop his skills and confidence. He also made lasting friendships with like-minded 4WD enthusiasts. Over the intervening years, as an active member of a 4WD club, he completed several formal 4WD courses and fine-tuned both his driving skills and his knowledge of the Australian Outback.

Ross began including family and friends on his Outback Adventures and developed a passion for helping others feel confident about taking their vehicles “off the beaten track”. Over the last 12 years, he has led many successful and memorable trips with explicit itineraries.

After completing courses in traditional aboriginal cultural, he is keen to embark on adventures into more remote areas such as Arnhem Land.


Gail moved from chilly Tassie to sunny Queensland in 1981, as a direct consequence of her love for camping, fishing and the great outdoors. She is also a keen kayaker and bushwalker and as a teacher and Deputy Principal, she had plenty of opportunities for family camping adventures.

Although the family owned a 4WD, it wasn’t until she met Ross that she finally got to experience REAL 4WDing in the Australian Outback. After her first trip across the Simpson Desert to explore the Flinders Ranges in 2009, she was hooked. Every year since then, Ross and Gail have taken extensive 4WD trips and after completing a 4WD course 7 years ago, Gail is even allowed to drive sometimes.

Since retiring 6 years ago, Gail’s mission has become planning adventures, going on adventures, and making photo diaries of those adventures when she returns. It is her passion for meticulous research and planning that helps make Kookaburra Tagalong Tours itineraries unique.

Photo of Ross and Gail leaning on 4WD


Ken was born and bred on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and has lived there all his life. He and his wife Louise have been happily married for 35 years and along with their two children, have always enjoyed camping and the outdoor life.

Ken comes from a farming background and living and working on the land gave him a broad knowledge in a variety of trades. His ingenuity and common sense are huge assets in his role as a 4WD Guide.

His first 4WD experiences began on the rough farm tracks and then, his family trips to places like Moreton Island and Fraser Island. In the last decade, his experience and skills have been perfected during his many adventures into Outback Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Two of his favourite locations for 4WDing include Cape York and the Simpson Desert.

Having travelled in convoy with Ross on many outback adventures, he has developed an excellent understanding of how to make his fellow 4WDers at ease. He is greatly looking forward to assisting more travellers to explore this amazing land of ours.


Louise also has a farming background, but her great passion is fishing and camping in the great outdoors. She grew up in Hervey Bay and has strong memories of family fishing trips from the Murrumbidgee River to Tuncurry in NSW.

When she met Ken, she had many opportunities to camp and fish with friends and later with her own family in scenic off-road locations at Double Island Point and Fraser Island. It was there, under Ken’s guidance, that she learnt to hone her sand driving skills.

Over the years Louise has developed her 4WDing skills and enjoys being in the driver’s seat almost as much as Ken. She has particularly enjoyed the challenges that the varied outback tracks provide and has loved learning about the history of the areas we visit.

Louise is also a keen photographer and a great campfire cook and the outback provides wonderful opportunities for both.

Ken and Louise standing in front of 4WD

Why Choose Kookaburra Tagalong Tours?

On every Kookaburra Tagalong, our guests are accompanied by experienced 4WD guides, and if you choose to join us on an outback adventure, you will have a unique opportunity to be challenged without being pushed beyond your limit. We cater for all levels of driver experience from first time off-roaders to 4WD veterans, so that everyone can enjoy the remoteness of the Australian Outback with confidence. There is no better way to gain new 4WD skills and experience than on a Kookaburra Tagalong Tour.

When preparing for one of our extended expeditions you will be supplied with a complete information package. This helpful guide shares all the best tips and tricks on how to best prepare yourselves and your vehicle for the trip ahead. Our itineraries are carefully designed to ensure our guests experience the adventure, rugged beauty, and best kept secrets of the Aussie Outback. All permits, camping arrangements and published cultural experiences are included in your package and all you need to do is “tagalong” and soak up the adventure.

Kookaburra Tagalong multi-day tours are self-catered, with camping style rest stops designed to offer the most authentic and engaging experiences possible. With participants supplying their own camping and cooking needs, the cost to our customers is reduced significantly. While you need to be prepared for bush camping that lacks modern facilities, itineraries are designed to include opportunities to stock up on fuel & food supplies.

We provide the highest quality of service to our tagalong 4WD customers; and to this end, we limit the size of our groups to ensure an excellent ratio of vehicles per guide. There will be plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow adventurers around the campfire and you may even, like members of our team, form lifelong friendships.

ADDITIONAL LEAD IN DAYS: While most of our tours are charged on a daily rate from START to FINISH, we may offer additional lead in days, with minimal camping only costs for those who wish to join us as we travel to our official Meeting Point.

Experience an authentic Aussie Outback Adventure

Challenge yourself & develop your 4WDing experience.

Access 60 years combined 4WD experience.

Reduce your costs with self-catering & camping.

Choose one of many flexible itineraries.

Travel in confidence with like-minded company.

Satellite phone & EPIRB capabilities for emergency use.

Gain access to stunning local communities & cultural experiences.

All permits & camping costs included.

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